The Dispute Resolution Association (DRA) was created in November 2013 to develop and promote the use of effective and economical methods of dispute resolution in all its forms as well as provide services to individuals and corporations who wish to resolve conflicts out of court.  Its mission is to provide the administrative framework necessary to support the provision of dispute resolution services.  This includes competent dispute resolution experts, quality training, public education and lobbying for legislative and regulatory reform.

Over the past two years, the Association has engaged in discussions with various public and private sectors entities in order to establish the best way to encourage and promote the use of alternative dispute resolution in St. Lucia.  After consultation, one of the major complaints received from the private sector is the length of time and lack of flexibility available when using the court system to resolve disputes.  To address these issues, the DRA’s first initiative is the establishment of a domestic arbitration panel for disputes in St. Lucia up to EC$250,000, as they are most often costly to resolve using the court system. 

The Panel will consist of a cadre of trained and qualified arbitrators who will determine disputes using a simplified set of procedural rules.

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