Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution under which the parties agree that their dispute will not be decided by a court judge, but rather by an independent third party.  In comparison to court proceedings, arbitration can be faster and less expensive as well as offer a higher degree of confidentiality.  It also permits the parties to shape the proceedings to suit the nature of the dispute and the needs of the parties involved.

When parties agreed for their dispute to be administered by the DRA, they are at liberty to choose from a cadre of arbitrators who possess a spread of expertise, depth of knowledge and experience.  For our full list of arbitrators, click here.  

In addition to our general list of arbitrators, we have also created arbitration panels for areas of business prone to disputes and likely to benefit from arbitration.  Arbitrators selected for these Panels have demonstrated expertise and qualifications in the various areas of specialty.

Fast Track Arbitration Panel

Recognizing the challenge in resolving relatively small disputes through the court system, the DRA created a Fast Track Arbitration Panel.  This panel has been specifically designed for contractual disputes up to EC$250,000 or disputes which are relatively simple in nature.  The Fast Track Panel is administered with a simplified set of rules, which make the process fast, efficient and simple.

For list of Fast Track Arbitration Panel arbitrators, click here.

Construction Arbitration Panel

A trusted partner in the construction industry, the DRA provides an effective means of dispute resolution for construction disputes. When parties name the DRA in their contract documents, they have the ability to plan early for possible disputes and the flexibility to customize the most time and cost effective resolution process for their project.

For a list of our Construction Arbitration Panel arbitrators, click here.

Insurance Arbitration Panel

Insurance is one of the few industries in St. Lucia that is subject to statutory arbitration.  The DRA provides insurance companies and policyholders with fair, quick, cost-effective, and private dispute resolution options to resolve conflicts arising out of commercial insurance transactions.

For a list of our Insurance Panel arbitrators, click here.

Employment Arbitration Panel

The DRA’s Panel of Employment Arbitrators consists of highly accomplished and respected experts from the legal and business communities who offer diverse experiences within the business sector.

For a list of our Employment Panel Arbitrators, click here